My NAFSA is a place where you can learn everything about gambling and how much you can invest and earn in these types of activities. My name is Julie Deveau, and as a founder of My NAFSA, my job is to educate you about everything you need to know about gambling, and more accurately, I’m going to teach you how to invest properly in gambling, so you can always make a profit of it.

I have a long trajectory gambling and making the best of it. It all started five years ago when I discover some tips and advices that could help me earn a little money gambling in casinos. After that, I explored the world of online gambling using online casinos. Over time, I started to familiarize on these kinds of sites and what they can offer me, then I develop useful strategies, to make the perfect investment as well.

My NAFSA was born the day I decided to share my knowledge in gambling with the world, armed myself with my writing skills, I wrote my first article filled with professionalism. And seeing all the positive feedback, I decided to focus more on this blog and writing only the best articles with detailed information about all sorts of gambling, and my tips of how invest smartly and responsible on them.